Bujang Senang – The Legend of Sarawak, Malaysia

A Replica of Bujang Senang

A Replica of Bujang Senang


So what exactly is a “Bujang Senang?” Is it a killer croc?

Bujang Senang is a giant killer croc name given by the Orang IbanIt is the most feared crocodile in the history of Sarawak. It measured around 20 feet long and there was a special white stripe on it’s back. Bujang Senang was said to rampant in the river called Sungai Batang Lupar located in Sri Aman, Sarawak, Malaysia since the year 1941.


The Legend Of Bujang Senang The Killer Croc

As told by the Orang Iban, Bujang Senang is a vengeful crocodile. It will actually remembers you if you’ve ever harm it before.

Bujang Senang

Bujang Senang

The legend has it, Bujang Senang was actually a man being cursed by their God as a consequence of him committed a very serious sin.

Bujang Senang is the biggest and longest crocodile in Sarawak, it is also known as the “black-white croc”

As told by the native of Sarawak, Bujang Senang’s predecessor has made aa agreement with Orang Iban that whoever shall kills the sons of Bujang Senang will be responded with “death.” In year 1992, 22nd of May an Iban girl called Dayang anak Bayang was killed by Bujang Senang, this resulted in ignition of the villagers’ hatred towards it.

Bujang Senang

Bujang Senang

They hunted for Bujang Senang for days and finally killed it. From that day onwards, the predecessors of Bujang Senang are filled with hatred against the human race. Not sure if the legend is true BUT better be safe than sorry.

If you ever see any crocodile with white stripe on it’s back, better not provoke it. Heck, don’t even provoke any crocodile in your life, we’ve seen a lot of people hurt by crocodile because of their “stupidities.” Some of them even insert their head in between of the crocodile’s jaw!

Again, better be safe than sorry 🙂


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