9 Real Crocodile Attack Caught on Camera

9 Real Crocodile Attack Caught On Camera

The video above is 100% real incidents about crocodile attack – caught on camera!

Crocodiles are very dangerous, please do not provoke them

It is estimated that many people (children and adults alike) die from crocodile attack in African every single year, however most of these attacks weren’t seen in media as there were no actual reporting system in place by the time during the attack.

Here are some of the crocodile attacks that has been documented in the history.

  1. An Iban girl named Dayang anak Bayang was killed by Bujang Senang on 22nd of May in year 1992. Bujang Senang was know as the oldest and largest crocodile ever caught near Lingga in the Division of Sri Aman, Sarawak (East malaysia), Malaysia.
  2.  Isabel Von Jordan, a 23-year-old German student was killed by a saltwater crocodile in Kakadu National Park while swimming with Valerie, her sister.
  3. A twenty-feet crocodile weigh around 1000KG was responsible for killing hundreds at Rusizi River in Burundi. The name of the 1000KG crocodile is called Gustave.

Above are just few of the incidents on crocodile attack in the history. Altogether, there were more than 10 incidence in the past.


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